Reader Story: Never Miss an Opportunity to be Kind

If you remember, during my most recent trip to Mudhen I had an extended wait at the bar.  The wait was so long that I began talking to the wonderful couple seated next to me. Stacey, the wife, noticed my Oklahoma City Thunder glasses. She went on to tell me that her mother is a huge Russell Westbrook fan and showed me pictures to drive the point home. Without hesitation, I gave Stacey the glasses and asked if she would deliver them to her mother.

Stacey promised that she would deliver the glasses and that she would send me some pictures of her mother sporting them. Yesterday, I received the following email from Stacey:

Hi Roberto:
Okay here are the photos for you…. I told you Wade & WestBrook are her boys…
I didn’t set this up for you… This is what it looks like on Mom’s chair next to her bed…lol
Hope this helps you as much as it helped me to make Mom smile!
Thanks again…
Happy travels!!!

Will you look at how happy mom is in her glasses?


This goes to show you that any act of kindness is appreciated. Stacey, I am glad that I could bring a smile to your mom’s face.


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