Review: Delta Sky Club – Logan International Airport

I took the 20 minute Uber ride to Logan International Airport. The check in for my flight took a few minutes, but the TSA checkpoint was a nightmare, even with TSA Precheck.

Delta Sky Club Boston

After making it through security, the Delta Sky Club was on the left.

Delta Sky Club Boston

I took the stairs up to the club (an elevator was also available). I was able to access the lounge because I was flying Delta and I have the American Express Platinum card.

Delta Sky Club Boston


Inside the entrance, on the left, was the reception desk. The three agents were friendly and funny. Winnie, the agent helping me, asked me why was I taking pictures. I told her it was for my blog, etc. I asked if she wanted to take an ‘use’ and she almost felt out of her chair laughing because she had never heard the term before.


On the right side, there was a table (without chairs) with huge bowl of random candy centered on it.

Delta Sky Club Boston

The lounge has a weird (not good or bad) layout.

Delta Sky Club Boston

The lounge is separated into two distinct areas. For the sake of flow, I will start on the right side.

The right side had a long hallway that connected to the bar area at the far end. A departure board and some pieces of art were the only things on the fall, which made it appeared bare.

DSC00315Delta Sky Club BostonDSC00317

Opposite the wall were two rooms. One was a spacious seating area.

DSC00318DSC00324DSC00325Delta Sky Club Boston

The other room was a set up as a media center. There was a copier and some magazines. It was in this room, that the manager approached me to see how my day was going. She asked if I needed anything and wished me a good day. I am pretty sure it was because I was taking pictures.

Delta Sky Club BostonDSC00322Delta Sky Club Boston

The right side was a very quiet, almost peaceful setting. That was not me on that day so I went to the left side which had the bar and buffet. There was a decent selection of food. I will let the pictures do the talking.

Delta Sky Club BostonDelta Sky Club BostonDelta Sky Club BostonDelta Sky Club BostonDelta Sky Club BostonDelta Sky Club BostonDSC00335

I was not particularly hungry, but I decided to try some food (for the sake of this review). Big mistake. The chicken was cold and tasteless, while the pasta was overcooked and cold. I should have just eaten cookies.


After sampling those dishes, I resigned myself to the bar. It was here that the manager reappeared to see if I needed anything. Um, how about a gin and tonic to wash down that food? LOL, I did not say that. The bar was complimentary and had a full selection of beer, wine, and spirits. Luis, the bartender, was a highlight of my visit. He was funny and treated every customer the same way.

Delta Sky Club BostonDelta Sky Club Boston

If alcohol is not your thing, there was a non-alcoholic drink selection available at the end of the bar. It included flavored water, some kind of juice, and coffee.

Delta Sky Club BostonDelta Sky Club BostonDelta Sky Club Boston

Final Word

The Delta Sky Club was not the best lounge that I have visited, nor was it the worst. The staff were great throughout my visit, even the ‘over-friendly’ manager.  The food left a bad taste in my mouth…literally. If the lounge could incorporate some time of food warmers, that would help a lot. Winnie and Luis made the visit for me, Delta needs to hire more people like them.

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