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Southwest Airlines 737-800
Southwest Airlines 737-800 Courtesy of the flight info

For the next installment of the airlines that offer military benefits, I will look at the those offered by Southwest Airlines.  Southwest, like Spirit Airlines, is a low cost carrier so there may not be a lot of benefits offered.  This is not a knock on the low cost carriers, it is their business model includes relatively low fares and fees.  Below is a list of the airlines covered in other posts:

United Airlines
American Airlines
Delta Airlines
Spirit Airlines 

Southwest Airlines offers the following military benefits:

Complimentary baggage.  The airline offers two free checked bags for everyone.  Military members traveling on active duty or permanent change of station orders receive additional bags free.  This includes overweight and oversized bags.

Special tickets.  Active military members and their families are able to book these tickets at by calling Southwest at 1-800-I- FLY-SWA (1-800-435-9792).  The special tickets are not always the cheapest fare on the airline.  The best thing to do is compare the cheapest fare found online with the fare the agents gives over the phone.

No cancellation fees. Southwest will not charge a cancellation fee for military members.  The ticket cannot be transferred to another person and has to be used within a year of issuance.

Final Word
The benefits offered by Southwest Airlines are comparable to the other airlines listed above.  With the addition of Southwest flights to Hawaii, I envision more military members using the airline for personal and official travel.

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  1. Interesting Rob; decades before I had ever flown, I knew of Southwest due to the genius of Herb Keller. Many positive thinking aka success books I read referenced him as an entrepreneurial trail blazer.

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