My Introduction to

I like to think that I have an above average understanding of reward points and miles, to include status matching.  A status match is when you parlay your hotel, airline, or car rental status into status with another program.  For instance, I am a United Premier Gold Elite, which translates to Marriott Gold Elite.  The Marriott status is matched by Starwood Preferred Guest due to the recent merger.  As a final example, I have the American Express Platinum card which offers Hilton Gold status.

Today, while having a conversation with a fellow points and miles enthusiast, I learned something new, he told me about  The site is intended to simplify the status match process for its users.  Overall, companies that offer status matches try to convert other program loyalists to their respective program.  The menu is simple and easy to navigate.


The site gives you a breakdown of the status match, challenge, and denial percentages, as reported by users.  For example, United Airlines results are below…


Final Word

I was happy to learn about the site today, as I enjoy when I learn something new.  This site should serve as a basis for the novice points and miles enthusiast, while providing additional information for those more advanced.  At any rate, I enjoyed browsing the site and envisioning the possibilities that lie before me.

Have you ever used  Thoughts?

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