Equifax CEO ‘retires’ after Data Breach

Today, Equifax CEO, Richard Smith retired.


Paulino do Rego Barros, Jr., president of company’s Asia Pacific region, has been appointed as interim CEO.

I am sure that the pressure that he had been feeling was immense.  If you recall, I wrote about the Equifax data breach about three weeks ago. At least 143 million consumers are affected by the hack.

Equifax decided that it was time for a change. For me, this is strictly a Public Relations move.  While I know that the boss is the first person to ‘fall on the sword’, I do not necessarily agree with it.  Equifax did not fix the data loss, but merely tried to save face.  What about the customers that had their identity stolen?  What about those people who had credit cards opened in their name?

Someone retiring does not fix or cover up the data breach.  Good luck Paulinho, you have a HUGE mess to fix.

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