Drone at Heathrow Airport Stops Departures

Heathrow Airport
Heathrow Airport. Courtesy of CNBC.

Another day, another drone sighting at a London area airport. Earlier today, departures from the London’s Heathrow Airport were halted after a drone was spotted near one of the runways. This drone sighting is occurring less than one month after the Gatwick Airport drone sighting that stranded over 100,000 passengers.  Arrivals were allowed to land on an adjacent runway.

As you can see, the airport and police were quick to investigate the drone sighting. The departures were on a stop movement for approximately 30 minutes, before resuming.

There was a quite a bit of a backlog after operations resumed.


Final Word

It seems very odd that two London area airports have had drone sightings in consecutive months. I would like to think that there is an aviation enthusiast on the controls, but I strongly feel that it could be a test for something more sinister.

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