United Airlines is Offering Customers Access to The Private Suite at LAX

Last week, I wrote about my trip to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) for a day of lounge hopping. This is one of my top travel undertakings as a blogger with the other being my huge roundtrip to Asia last year. I am content with checking out the Priority Pass lounges (intended purpose of this trip), but I received an intriguing email offer from United.

United sent me a trial offer to visit The Private Suite at LAX. The Private Suite is actually a private terminal situated just across the airport, opposite the regular terminals. This super private terminal opened in May 2017. It features 13 private suites that can be booked individually for $2700 USD (members) and $3,500 USD (non-members) for one way domestic travel. $3,000 USD (members) and $4,000 USD (non-members) for one way international travel.

The Private Suite. courtesy of United Airlines

The Private Suite offers the following:

  • A dedicated suite
  • Private TSA Screening
  • Private Transportation to Aircraft
  • A team of eight people assigned to your booking

Members of The Private Suite get the following add-ons:

Annual membership fee of $4,500 USD

  • Three complimentary companions
  • Ability to preorder complimentary meals
  • Complimentary valet
  • Complimentary manicure, massage, or haircut
  • On Call Doctor
  • Complimentary Use of Video Conference Room
  • Ability to Book Six Months in Advance
The Private Suite. courtesy of the Wall Street Journal.

United has partnered with The Private Suite to offer the following:

United customers pay $375 for one way domestic travel and $700 for roundtrip domestic travel.

  • Dedicated lounge access
  • Private TSA Screening
  • Private Transportation to Aircraft
  • A team of eight people assigned to your booking

The “lounge” appears to be a suite, which is designated for United Airlines’ passenger use. The email does not state other amenities offered. By reading some other sites, it seems like snacks, toiletries, beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), and a private bathroom are offered.

Final Word

At first glance, this offer seemed appealing. I could not justify sitting in a relatively small room alone or with some other passengers, for some hours when I have so many other options in the airport. There is a market for the private terminal, but I am not part of it. Thanks United, but that will be a no from me.

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