How Long Did My Chase Fraud Investigation Take?

Chase Freedom

A few months back, during my trip to Asia, I wrote about a debit and credit card being skimmed while in Thailand.  The trip started well because I got to fly aboard Japan Airlines 787-900 for the first time, but it went into the dumps during my short stay in Bangkok.  To recap, my debit and Chase Freedom Unlimited card were skimmed.  I reported the fraudulent charges to the banks as soon as I found them.  USAA quickly launched an investigation, which was closed in a few days.  Chase, on the hand, credited the money back to my account but launched an investigation that could take months.

Yesterday, almost two and a half months after launching the investigation, I received a letter from Chase.  It stated:

Dear Roberto L. Short,

Thank you for contacting us on 7/10/2019 about (the) unauthorized transaction on the credit card account above. We completed our review and would like to share the results of our investigation.

You are not responsible for the following transaction

7/08/2019    $582.43

We removed the above transaction from your current account and have issued credits for any related interest charges and fees.  The previously issued credit is now permanent.



I am thankful to Chase Bank for confirming the fraudulent transaction on my account and continuing to protect the contents of my wallet. This is definitely a cautionary tale as it pertains to using debit or credit cards in unfamiliar places.  The situation almost made me switch to cash only, but I thought better of it because I enjoy reward points so much. LOL.  Thanks for reading.



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