United Sent Premier Status Email Reminders to Elite Members

As of today, I am a United Premier Gold, which is near the bottom of United Premier statuses.  Earlier today, I received an e-mail ‘reminder’ of my traveler type, current Premier status, and options for me to move to United Premier Platinum.


At the moment, my traveler type is ‘explorer’.  I assume this is because I do not have a set pattern to my travels…I look for the best deal and book it!  My longest flight on United to date is the trip that I took to Tokyo in the spring (sadly there is not a review).  Almost two weeks ago, I wrote about an amazing flight deal to Southeast Asia.  I booked a ~$600 mileage run ticket to Singapore so that I can achieve Premier Platinum.  The roundtrip ticket will earn me 17,540 Premier Qualifying Miles.  The Los Angeles to Singapore flight, call sign UA37, will cover 8,446 miles!  If you want to do the math, that is almost 18 hours in an airplane.

Final Word

Thanks to United for the reminder but I keep a close eye on frequent flyer statuses.  I will not enjoy the flight duration to Singapore, but the price of the ticket was too cheap for me to pass.

Featured image courtesy of The Point Guy



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