Trying to Maximize My Upgrade Chances

Last week I wrote about possibly upgrading and finally using miles + cash to be waitlisted.  I have since been trying to figure out the best way to get the best bang for my bucks.

I have two separate reservations that combined into a Trip Plan on the United’s website.  Last week I called United’s Premier desk to combine the itineraries in the system.  The agent told me that I could not do that.  She suggested that I have the check in agent check me all the way through to Singapore.  There was not anything accomplished during the call.

I called today and spoke to a really helpful agent named Sandy. I was told that I could not combine the itineraries but that she could cross reference them.  Meaning that anyone viewing the separate itineraries would know they are linked. This helps if there is some sort of trip interruption. Additionally, I tried to apply the mileage upgrade, mentioned in the first paragraph, on the Dallas to Los Angeles segments but it could not be done because…separate tickets. This is not a big deal because I am eligible for domestic complimentary upgrades thanks to my Premier Gold status.


Lastly, I asked Sandy for my position on the waitlist.


She stated that she could not provide that information but could tell me that there are 8 people on the upgrade list.

Final Word

With the trip being less than two weeks away, the chances of me upgrading are slim.  This is not the end of the world because I am currently sitting in Economy Plus at the bulkhead, aisle seat and I currently do not have seat mates.


I have United’s BusinessFirst on many occasions, but would like to fly it again for the sake of a proper review.

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