How long should you wait before leaving a restaurant…part 2

I have had the worst luck with restaurants in Dallas.  My expectations are low when I engage anyone in the service industry.  Today, I wanted to grab some food after sightseeing so I decided to stop by Zenna Thai and Japanese.  Big mistake.

Much like yesterday at Yama Sushi, there was no hostess present…


When she finally showed, she asked to add my name to the list.  I asked her why there was a list when the place was practically empty, she stated that they were doing a shift change and were waiting on the second shift to show up.  What???


Ultimately, I left the restaurant.  I find it unbelievable that restaurants will allow customers to wait and wait and wait and eventually walk out.  Just like Yama Sushi yesterday, I do not think that I will ever go to this place again.  Crazy.



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