Review: Mudhen – Dallas Farmers Market

I have always wanted to visit the Dallas Farmers’ Market, but never made the time.  Well, this past Saturday, I had a lot of time.  The Farmers’ Market is only a 15 minute walk from The Adolphus.

Mudhen is a standalone restaurant located on the northwest side of the Farmers’ Market.

A welcomed sight.  🙂

The restaurant reminded of eateries that I enjoy to visit in New Hampshire and Maine.


main dining area
main dining area

I decided to sit outside under the covering because it felt nice.


At 9am, Mudhen had a full menu and a full bar.  Wow!



I asked the waitresss for food suggestions because everything on the menu sounded delicious.  She stated that the special of the day, the flat iron steak with eggs and potatoes was delicious, so I ordered it.  I even ordered the shrimp and cauliflower grits.

The food was amazing…

shrimp and cauliflower grits

…except, my flat iron steak, that I ordered medium rare, came out cold, but I ate it because it had great flavor.

flank steak with eggs and fingerling potatoes

I mentioned that the steak was cold to my waitress to alert her to the fact that the food was sitting too long before being delivered to the customers.  I did not do it maliciously, I even went so far as to tell her that I would finish the food regardless of the temperature.  A few minutes later, the manager came by and I stated the same thing to him.  When I asked for the check, the waitress informed me that the flat iron steak entree was ‘taken care of’, which I did not particular like, but I appreciated it.

Overall, Mudhen is a wonderful spot to eat.  I do not have anything bad to say about staff or the food.  While I would have like my steak a little warmer, it was still delicious.  Big thanks to the manager for taking care of it…that was a nice, unexpected gesture.  I will be visiting the restaurant again.

Featured image courtesy of CultureMap Dallas

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