My New Passport Arrived, Now What?

Last month, I came across a great fare deal to Southeast Asia.  It was so good that I went to purchase it but quickly found out that I did not have the required six months left before expiration.  One week later, I sent my expiring passport, $110 renewal fee, application, and photos.  Note: I was in a rush for photos, two photos at The UPS Store cost me $17. Sad.  


I received regular renewal passport updates from this site.  Now that I have the passport book, I have a few things to do.  1) Upload my new passport information to all of my airline frequent flyer accounts.


2) Update my Global Entry account with the new passport information.


Global Entry is a U. S. Customs and Border  Protection program that allows preapproved, low risk travelers, expedited clearance upon arrival in the United States.

The process for updating a passport for Global Entry is 1) log into the Global Online Enrollment System 2) click Update Documents 3) click update passport 4) input new passport number.  It was really easy, except the part where I forgot my log-in information  SMH.

I was not expecting the passport to arrive in the mail for at least four weeks, much to my surprise, it showed up in three weeks.  It is now time to travel internationally, again.  Do not make the same mistake that I did, renew your passport early so that you can take advantage of airfare deals.

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