Review: Sixth Floor Museum – Dallas

The Sixth Floor Museum is located within the  Texas Book Depository building.  It is the site where Lee Harvey Oswald, acting alone (supposedly), assassinated President John F. Kennedy.

Sixth Floor, far right/open window, was Lee Harvey Oswald’s perch


Tickets are purchased across the street from the Depository at the Museum Stores + Cafe. The cost ranges from $4 for ages 0-5 w/audio guide to $16 for adults.  A military discount of one dollar was offered.  The store was small, but had a lot of memorabilia for sale and a cafe in the back.


I snapped the pictures before I was screamed at by people whom I assume for gift shop security.  Apparently, photos are not allowed.


With tickets purchased, I made my way across the street to Texas Book Depository.  I waited in a short queue to receive the audio listening guide for the tour.  I was informed that the tour would be 90 minutes.  Two questions popped in my head 1) why do I need a listening guide for a tour and 2) why would the tour take 90 minutes?

Those questions were soon answered after I arrived on the Sixth Floor.  The tour was not led by museum staff, instead they were ‘no picture’ enforcers.


The tour took 90 minutes because there were more than 30 individual stops on the tour.  Each stop was narrated by the audio guide (more like audiobook).  The amount of people on the sixth floor was insane.  I made it to the third stop on the tour before I ripped off my headphones and walked the rest of the exhibit.


I finally gave up and went to check out the Grassy Knoll.

Grassy Knoll

Overall, the tour was a letdown.  After I snapped the picture of the Grassy Knoll, a guy approached me and asked if I wanted to know what happened on the day President Kennedy was assassinated…for $5.  I declined, but all that I could think was, where were you 30 minutes ago?


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2 thoughts on “Review: Sixth Floor Museum – Dallas

  1. Our experience was much the same but at least we can say we went. I had a much better experience at the George Bush library on the SMU campus, well worth it.

    1. Yes sir, it was definitely an experience. I will have to visit the Bush library, thanks for the tip. I hope all is well.

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