Review: Kona Grill – Dallas

After the disappointment with Yama Sushi, I needed to find some food quickly because I still had not checked into the hotel. I used the OpenTable app to find Kona Grill.


The restaurant was five minutes away from Yama Sushi, according to my iPhone GPS.  30 minutes later, I located the restaurant inside of the North Park mall.  At this point, I was happy to get some food, because surely the food would be decent, right?  I was seated quickly and the drink order was taken (first and last time, no refills).




I ordered the spicy tuna and soft shell crab roll.  Both of the dishes were disgusting.  The tuna nor the wasabi were fresh.  The tuna tasted as if it were pureed, while the soft shell crab tasted like it has been sitting in oil for an extended period of time.  I had four bites of the tuna and two bites of the crab. Even the plating of the food was terrible.  The waitress came to remove the plates without asking I needed to to go box or if there was an issue because food was left on both plates.


Luckily, I ordered salmon, which turned out to be the highlight of a dismal outing.


I would like to think that the food was bad because the restaurant was understaffed, which caused them to rush, but it was not, most of the customers were in the bar.


My experience at Kona Grill was horrible.  I will not return to this restaurant and I hope that you all want waste your money like I did.

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