Review: Gyu Kaku – Harvard Square

Disclosure:  This will be a brief overview of Gyu Kaku Harvard Square.  For a full Gyu Kaku review click here.

Gyu Kaku is located in Harvard Square, near the IHOP on Eliot Street.  As you enter the building, take the stairs up to the 2nd floor.


I made the reservation with the OpenTable app to earn 100 points.  I was quickly seated as there were only two other customers.


I decided on my meal before I arrived, but I was presented with a few menus anyway…


I went with the $12 Meat Lover’s combo.  It consisted of Toro Beef, Yaki-Shabu Beef, Prime New York Steak, and Bistro Hangar Steak.


This was served along with rice, salad, and soup.


Final Word

Overall, the food was amazing, especially at that price. I love eating at Gyu Kaku, but will have to visit more often during lunch.  The only ‘issue’ was the amount of menus. If someone new to the restaurant were given that amount of menus, they might be a bit overwhelmed.

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