Review: Residence Inn-Boston Harbor on Tudor Wharf

The Residence Inn Tudor Wharf is walking distance from popular spots such as TD Garden, Ducali Pizzeria, Boston Beerworks on Canal, and more.


I booked the Residence Inn because it is so close to Logan Airport, 3.5 miles to be exact.  The room cost me $300 at the government/military rate.  If I booked using the regular rate, the room would have cost almost $900.


I checked the parking situation before I arrived at the hotel and the chance of me finding free parking was slim to none.  The valet suggested that I look in the warehouse lot next to the property for an open space.  I looked, but the spots were full.  Even if there were a free space, I do not think the Ford F-150 that I was driving could fit.


Reluctantly, I valeted the truck for $45.  Gross.


There were no other customers in front of me, so check-in took less than five minutes.  The friendly front desk staff invited me to the Residence Inn Mixer that would begin in 45 minutes.  Flatbread pizza, olives, and popcorn were the small snacks, some beer and wine would also be offered.  All of the mixer items were complimentary.  I thanked them and tried to hurry to my room, but they invited me down for breakfast the next morning.  The staff stated that their property has the best breakfast of any hotel in the area.

The staff moved so I could take this picture.


breakfast area
military tribute


I made my way to the 6th floor.  As I exited the elevator, I made a quick left and the room was a few doors down.


It was a typical Residence Inn suite.  There was a kitchenette to the left as I entered the room.


While the living area was straight ahead.


decent view of TD Garden

The bedroom and bathroom could be accessed by a door situation in between the kitchenette and living area.



In addition to the mixer and breakfast, the hotel also had a ‘Market’ that you could visit if you happen to get hungry during the night.


Final Word

I enjoyed my overnight at the property.  The staff was friendly and the room was comfortable, even with a busy highway feet away.  The only drawback, was me thinking that 3.5 miles is close to the airport.  Especially when I had to get to the airport during rush hour.

Featured image courtesy of Trip Advisor.

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