Review: Sam Adams Brewery Tour


  • IMG_1747I had a few options to get to the Sam Adams Brewery in Jamaica Plains. Uber was the quickest option, while the Boston T would be the cheapest.  I caught the Red Line to Downtown Crossing where I switched to the Orange Line.  After reaching Ruggles, a few stops before Stony Brook (Sam Adams’ stop), the passengers were told to get off the train because it would travel no further.  I made my way up to the ground level to catch an awaiting bus. After arriving at Stony Brook, it was a short walk to the brewery.IMG_1970The Brewery Tours are usually scheduled every 40 minutes, however, on the Saturday that I visited, tours went every 15 minutes.IMG_1749IMG_1755The tour is free of charge (requires sign up at the front desk), however, a $2 donation is suggested.  The donations support local charities.  I had some minutes to kill before the tour so I went to beer garden to grab a drink.  The patio is a nice touch.  There is cornhole, checkers, cold beer, and an overall good time.IMG_1752IMG_1746IMG_1753IMG_1751.jpgAs you start the tour, you enter the main part of the brewery through an over-sized keg.IMG_1754After passing the first donation keg, you make a left and enter the Grain Room.IMG_1760There is also a Barrel Room, which tourists do not get to enter.IMG_1759The next room, the biggest area by far, houses all of the beer fermenters.IMG_1761IMG_1763The next stop was my favorite…The Tasting Room!


    The three beers being sampled that day were the Boston Lager, Rebel IPA, and Octoberfest.  4oz glasses were provided so that we could enjoy the beer.


    After the tasting, we exited through the gift shop.


    Lastly, as you exit the gift shop, you pass the patio (or stop if you want more beer) and walk straight ahead to catch the bus to Doyle’s.

    Final Word

    I thoroughly enjoyed my visit the Sam Adams’ Brewery in Jamaica Plains.  The surrounding area has improved a lot, and it is beautiful.  I will continue to take this tour for the information, but mostly for the beer.  I cannot wait to visit again.


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