The Great Wolf Lodge in 5 Photos

Happy Monday! I just returned from an interesting weekend Dallas at The Great Wolf Lodge. It was my son’s second birthday, so I figured this would be something cool to do. While I will have a full review soon, I wanted to share a few pics and thoughts about the place.

As soon as I stepped into the place, I wanted to leave. There were people EVERYWHERE! I was instantly triggered. LOL.


I did not make it through check in and I was triggered again. Guests do not have keys or key cards, instead they have to wear amusement park wrist bands. Fun Fact: If you lose one, it is $54.


The room was the highlight of my stay. Even though we were assigned a special assistance room (for unknown reasons), I was happy with it.


A thing that I was not with was the “flu bacon” at the breakfast buffet. Yeah, read it again.  FLU BACON. Look at this picture and tell me that it does not scream flu bacon. The tongs were place atop the bacon after each use and bacon was hanging onto the counter where people placed their plates.


As a 36 year old, I feel that I should be able to retrieve my water from the soda machine. Nope. A waitress stopped me (rudely), asked if she could help, then told me to ask my server for it. All of this, FOR WATER.


Final Word

The Great Wolf Lodge is wayyyy overpriced for the services received. I will not return to the property again. Like I said, this is a brief overview, I will have the full review in a few days. I need some Emergen-C now.

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