Review: Updated Food at LAX United Club

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Review:  Updated Food at LAX United Club
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As soon as the flight attendant opened the door, there was a mad rush from everyone to exit. I was towards the beginning of the stampede because I had been sitting in the first row of economy. After exiting the aircraft, I was steps away from the United Club at LAX’s Terminal 7. I had two complimentary club passes as a United Explorer credit card holder, so I decided to use one. It was my intent to go inside, charge my equipment, and be on my way, what I found shocked me.

United Club

I have visited this particular United Club on more than one occasion. This post will only focus on the food. The past visits were great because Adan and the rest of bar staff are friendly and the views from the terrace are amazing. The food at this club, and all other domestic United Clubs, was subpar. Was.

The food selection was the best that I had ever seen in a domestic United Club. The buffet was located on the right as I entered the bar area. There was an assortment of cheese, crackers, and pretzels at the first station.

United Club LAX

The second station consisted of an assortment of cookies and pastries.

United Club LAX

The third station, my favorite, included items such as tofu, bean sprouts, jalapenos, etc. for guests to prepare their personal ramen. Two tins were located to the left of this area, one was broth for the noodles, while the other was a lentil soup. This station blew my mind because it was something that I could see in an American Express Centurion Lounge, not a United Club.

United Club LAX
United Club LAX Noodle Bar

The last two stations were a salad bar. Some of the items included were avocado, hardboiled eggs, spinach, watermelon, and quinoa. This was my second favorite station.

United Club LAXDSC03175United Club LAX

I enjoyed some hummus, ramen, small salad, and two glasses of prosecco during my time in the lounge. Sadly, I did not get any pictures of the plated food. I think that I was blown away by the improved food offerings. Prior to leaving, I went outside to get some air on the terrace. It happened to be good timing as a Korean Air A380 was on short final.

United Club LAX
Views from the United Club LAX

Final Word

Wow. I have never gone to a domestic United Club for the food, but I think that may have changed on this visit. The ramen and salad bars was better than what I found in Delta Sky Club or Admirals Club. I hope that this was not fluke and that the better food options are in the United Club to stay. Well done United Club, well done.

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