Review:  Alaska Lounge – Los Angeles International Airport

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Review:  Alaska Lounge – Los Angeles International Airport
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I left the United Club after about an hour.  While the new food was appetizing, it was time to make my way over to the Alaska Lounge in Terminal 6.  The lounge was the only Priority Pass Lounge that I would visit on my day trip to LAX.

The Alaska Lounge is located near gate 64.  On the day of my visit, the lounge was at capacity so Priority Pass members were not supposed to enter.  I encountered the following sign at the entrance to the elevator but I decided to try my luck.

Alaska Airlines Lounge LAX

After exiting the elevator, the front desk was straight ahead.  The agent informed me that the lounge was at capacity and stated that I could try again later.  I informed him that I would not be long and would only sit at the bar.  He allowed me to enter after a few minutes.

Alaska Airlines Lounge LAX

To the right of the front desk was the main entrance to the lounge.  There were four large arrivals/departure boards and some reading material.


The walkway opens into the main part of the lounge.  To the left was a large seating area with a lot of the seats.  Most the seats were “occupied” but there were quite a few available.  Guests occupied more than one seat by putting personal items to include luggage, jackets, and books in seats next to them.  This gave the appearance that the lounge was more crowded than it really was.

Alaska Airlines Lounge LAX

There was a small food area to the right.  The food was familiar as it resembled food that used to be in domestic United Clubs.  The food area included a drink and pancake station.  There was also some pastries, cookies, snacks, and fresh fruit.

Alaska Airlines Lounge LAXAlaska Airlines Lounge LAXDSC03185

At the very back of the lounge was the bar.  There was only one seat open at the bar and no table was available (hence, no pictures).  Two of the beers and a few spirits were complimentary, while any other alcoholic beverage had to be purchased.

Alaska Airlines Lounge LAXAlaska Airlines Lounge LAX

The best part of the lounge was the view of the parking ramp.  I could spend the spend the entire day watching airplanes, they could be taking off, landing, or even parked.

Alaska Airlines Lounge LAX
Alaska Airlines A320 LAX
Alaska Airlines Lounge LAX
Alaska Airlines 737 LAX

Final Word

The lounge was ok.  It will not overwhelm guests with amenities, but does provide a quiet space from the terminal. I have visited this Alaska Lounge in the past and I never saw it this crowded.  The lounge is not that big so it makes sense that there would be guest restrictions.  I just wish that other guests would be respectful of that and not take up more than one seat.

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2 thoughts on “Review:  Alaska Lounge – Los Angeles International Airport

  1. The quiet point would be huge with me Roberto. I love a good lounge that allows me to escape from the madness of airports. Even if the food is just decent, that silence is golden. Especially when I need to work. Fab review buddy.

    1. Peacefulness is a key factor when deciding where to spend my time. Thanks for reading!

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