Review: Yankee Pier – San Francisco International Airport

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Review: Yankee Pier – San Francisco International Airport

I had approximately 40 minutes on the ground in San Francisco.  The last time I visited the airport was after my huge Asia trip last year.  As I exited the plane at gate 88, I made a quick right and then a beeline for Yankee Pier, a Priority Pass Restaurant, located in Terminal 3.  Terminal 3 houses the 60 through 90 series gates (odd, I know), so I was only a few minutes away.

Yankee Pier

Yankee Pier San Francisco
Yankee Pier San Francisco

The first thing that I noticed about the restaurant was its small size.  There were approximately 12 tables with 4 seats each.  All of the tables were full, as well as most of the seats at the eight top bar.

Yankee Pier

The restaurant had an awesome bronze diver’s helmet on the right side of the bar.  Seeing and touching the helmet was the best part of my visit.

Yankee Pier San Francisco

Yankee Pier did not have a hostess stand, but I was greeted by a waiter who welcomed me to the restaurant as soon as I entered.  I asked for the open seat at the bar and was provided a menu.  The restaurant was soooo busy.  The staff did not turn anyone away like the Alaska Lounge, but there was a significant wait if guests wanted a table.

I felt uncomfortable at Yankee Pier due to the crowding so I quickly ordered a mimosa ($9) and the Yankee Breakfast ($13) with a side of jalapeños.  These two items put me close to the $28 allowance for Priority Pass members.  The food was delivered within five minutes.

Yankee Pier

I found the bacon and eggs to be on par with any other breakfast restaurant.  They are the easiest breakfast items to prepare.  I did not touch the toast because I did not want to deal with the jelly and butter while being elbow to elbow with other guests. The jalapeños did not look particularly fresh, so I passed on them.  The potatoes were the highlight of the meal. They were lightly salted and crispy on the outside while being soft inside.

Final Word
Yankee Pier was simply ok. The eggs and bacon were enough to hold me over until I got on my flight to Dallas.  I did not like the noise, amount of people, or the inedible jalapeños.  This is merely personal preference.  I would visit Yankee Pier again, but under different circumstances.  Thank you for reading this trip report.


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  1. Sounds solid Rob. Airports – in the US especially – do charge hefty prices LOL. 30 smackers for a simple, ho hum breakfast makes me chuckle. But it is what it is, and you had it covered with your pass, too.

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