Free TSA PreCheck for Military Members


Traveling is normally hassle free, but some trips have missed fights or travel delays.  Heck, there are might be a time where the entire trip is full of turmoil.  One thing that has made my domestic travel easier is the free Transportation Security Administration (TSA) PreCheck that I receive as an active duty military member (I also have it as a by product of Global Entry).  PreCheck has reduced the time that I have spent transiting security prior to my flights.  The time is reduced because PreCheck members do not have to remove shoes, belts, or jackets.   Here is the simple way for military members to use TSA PreCheck…for free.

Here is how military members can get TSA PreCheck for free:  insert the Department of Defense ID number, from the back of the Common Access Card, into the Known Travel Number on their frequent flyer profile or flight reservation.  Voila, TSA PreCheck.  This is available to active, guard, reserves, DOD civilians, and service academy students. Veterans, retirees, and family members are not eligible but may receive PreCheck through a number of credit cards.

Final Word

A lot of military members do not know they have free TSA PreCheck.  If you are military without PreCheck, save yourself some time by signing up for this service.  If you have already signed up, share this information with your coworkers.  Safe travels.

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