Update: How to Expedite Your Global Entry Interview

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A few weeks ago, I wrote about my  experience getting approved for Global Entry. Here is the update that I promised from my friend’s experience. He recently applied for and was approved for the American Express Platinum card. To maximize all of the benefits that it offers, I had him apply for Global Entry. He was conditionally approved a few days prior to traveling to Costa Rica. 

He immediately made an appointment for a time during our return home. I know, I know…why didn’t he make it for the outbound so that he could use Global Entry when we returned to the US? Long story short, we did not have the time for the appointment on the outbound. 

We arrived at the immigration checkpoint  at Houston Intercontinental Airport and I made my way to the Global Entry side while Matt (who processed with mobile passport), made his way through the normal line. For some reason, I got a few extra questions from the agent before he welcomed me “home”. I made my made halfway to the exit when I spotted a “Global Entry Interview Here” sign. 

I quickly alerted Matt and he returned to the queue for his interview. I could not wait while he completed the interview so I proceeded to the baggage area. No kidding, four minutes and he was done. He did not have to go to the scheduled appointment in Terminal E. 

Final Word

This was, by far, the easiest Global Entry interview that I ever known about. I am sure that every Global Entry situation will be different, but I hope that you learn one thing from these two posts…walk in for your Global Entry interview. 

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