Review: Hilton Seahawk – Fukuoka

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I decided to book the Hilton Sea Hawk in Fukuoka for our short stay in the city.  There were two main reasons for staying at the property: 1) location/amenities, and 2) no Marriott properties in the city.  I am just a bit partial to Marriott properties but you all know this, if you have been following this blog for the past three years.

The Sea Hawk boasted over 1,000 rooms and almost 30 shops and restaurants. I really liked that the hotel was collocated with the Fukuoka Dome, the home of the Softbank Hawks.


I booked the two night stay for 17,000 Japanese yen or approx. $170 USD, per night.  The total for the stay was 42,000 yen (~$420 USD).  The prepaid stay was put my Citi Prestige Mastercard.   By doing this, I earned a total of 4,200 Hilton and 1,200 Citi Rewards points.  I should have used my Chase Freedom Unlimited card to earn 1.5% cash back on the hotel stay.  Oof.


The hotel was a 20 min taxi ride from Hakata Station, our final stop on the Nozomi Shinkansen. The ride, while relatively short for being in the city, totaled $30 USD.  If I rented and parked a car at the property, the fee was 1,500 yen (approx. $15 USD) per day.  A car was not needed because all of the major cities in Japan have wonderful public transit and taxis.

There was parking, however, for a few select cars, at the lobby level of the hotel.  I would later discover the main parking levels were below the hotel.


We were welcomed to the hotel by a bellman insisted on taking our bags upon entering. The front desk was slightly to the right after entering. I provided my passport and confirmed the numbers of guests. I did not show my credit card once. The agent never mentioned any of the amenities at the hotel, but the entire process took literally three minutes. This was nice, I guess.

Hilton Seahawk Priority Desk
Hilton Seahawk Front Desk

It is worth noting that service animals are the only ones allowed in the property.


I made a left towards the elevators. There was two sets so I took the ones on the right for the high floors.

After making it to floor 20, I made a right for room 2021.  

The room was a twin deluxe. There was a closet to the left with slippers, shoe protectors and robes. An iron was also available, but we did not use it.

Straight ahead was the main part of the room with the tv, desk, sofa, and two beds. The beds were very firm, but much needed after traveling to/from Thailand. While the beds were to my liking, the pillows were thin and provided little support. 

The small table and couch in the room made it a tight squeeze. We were not in the room for an extended period of time so this one was not too bothersome.

Hilton Seahawk Double Twin Beds
Hilton Seahawk Double Twin

Hilton Seahawk Double Twin Room

A room service menu and channel guide could be found on the desk.  There was a dry cleaning menu, safe, and a small fridge on the opposite side of the TV. I have never had anything stolen in Japan so I did not understand the need for a safe. Have any of you ever used a safe in a Japanese hotel? 

The bathroom was just on the other side of the beds. It was very small but efficiently designed. I am amazed at the sheer amount of amenities placed in this area. There was a ton of toiletries on the sink, a bidet toilet, shower, and a tub. 

Two things to keep in mind when in Japan:

  1. The bidet and heated toilet seat will change your life.
  2. ALWAYS use the shower to wash your body before using the tub.

Also, the bathroom mirror never steamed up.  It had to be magic.

Hilton Seahawk Double Twin Bathroom


As I stated earlier, there were about 30 shops and restaurants located within the property.  I did not visit each one of them, but please be know you will never go hungry in the hotel.

There were a few eating options on the 35th Floor: Teppanyaki Restaurant and the Clouds Bar. The teppanyaki place was not open when I visited the floor so I took a seat in the Clouds Bar.  The “bar” was a restaurant, with a full menu and a beautiful view of the city.  One thing I especially liked about the hotel was the Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks stadium was just outside. I wanted to get a ticket but it was sold out.

Hilton Seahawk Clouds Bar
Clouds Bar View of Fukuoka

Cloud Bar View of Fukuoka
Hilton Seahawk Clouds Bar

Fukuoka Dome

The majority of the shops/restaurants for on the 4th Floor, lobby floor.  There was so much going on that I had to take a picture of the layout. It was truly overwhelming.

A “buffet style” restaurant was the main attraction. The place was huge and always packed. It included the restaurant, a lounge, and a bakery. I loved everything about it.

There appeared to be two more restaurants, or something similar, located on the 5th Floor, just down from the spa and fitness center. The places were closed when I visited the floor so I did not explore.


As previously stated, the fitness center and spa were located on the fifth floor. The gym was small but had a ton of equipment for use and was extremely clean. Another was that the gym was empty during the time I visited.

Hilton Seahawk Fitness Center
Hilton Seahawk Fitness Center
Hilton Seahawk Fitness Center

The Spa had a wide range of servjces available. To include the swimming pools which could be used for a fee.

Hilton Seahawk – Fukuoka Sotokoto Spa


The shopping area on the lobby floor was located in what is called ‘The Galleria”. What impressed me about this was the wide range of things offered here. They included a game room, pharmacy, convenience store, and numerous clothing stores. I did not take pictures in this area because of the volume of patrons.

Final Word

The Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk offered the perfect oasis in the bustling city of Fukuoka. Guests had the option of staying in the property, enjoying a lazy day at the beach, or doing everything in between.  The hospitality/professionalism of the staff was top notch. I cannot wait to visit the property again with the goal of exploring all of the shops on the 4th Floor.

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