All Nippon Airways Bombardier Dash 8 in 5 Pictures

As I round out the last of the “5 Pictures” posts from the trip to Japan, I am relieved to finally begin posting the full Asia trip report in the coming days.  This trip report has been a long time coming and I cannot wait to publish the recap of the trip in its entirety.  I enjoyed my time in Thailand and Japan, even if my credit card was skimmed and I missed a flight.  LOL.

My flight to Narita was operated by an ANA Bombardier Dash 8.  Much like the ANA 767-300 I experienced enroute to Okinawa, this was my first time flying aboard a Bombardier Dash 8.  I was a bit giddy to experience the all economy cabin and turboprop engines.

All Nippon Airways Bombardier Dash 8
All Nippon Airways Bombardier Dash 8

Speaking of the cabin, the seats with the best leg room were in exit rows one and two, at the bulkhead.  The other seats were not terrible, but the space at the in those two rows was noticeable.

DSC04942All Nippon Airways Bombardier Dash 8

I chose seat 4C, one of the standard seats, which happened to be just in front of the props.  The seat was surprisingly comfortable.  I fully expected to be uncomfortable for the short flight to Tokyo.


Even though the flight was short, the flight attendant performed an abbreviated service.  I went with a Mount Fuji beer and the same snack pack from the previous flight.  The beer was just ok, I would not go out of my way to purchase it on the ground.


I wish the flight was a bit longer. Less than an hour on this aircraft went by way too fast.  This was probably the shortest “5 Pictures” post from my trip to Asia, but I will never forget my first flight aboard a Bombadier Dash 8.  Please check back in the coming days for the full trip report.  As always, thank you for supporting the blog.

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