All Nippon Airways 767-300 Business in 5 Pictures

I am missing two trip reports, Trip to Bangkok and Tokyo and Trip to Hawaii with My Mom, from last summer.  The next few weeks will be spent covering those trips in posts on this very blog.  I wrote a Phillips Loop Blog Update a few months back, which covered my lack of posts.  Without rehashing it all, I am back to writing and you will continue to see more content from me, much like you have seen from the beginning of this year.

To continue with the teaser posts from my trip to japan last summer, I will look at the flight I took from Fukuoka to Okinawa.  Other teaser posts from the trip can be found below:

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The ANA flight was operated by an older Boeing 767-300.  ANA and JAL operate wide body aircraft routinely between Okinawa and the main island of Honshu, especially during tourist season.  I have flown ANA before but not while operating the blog, so this was exciting.  Truth be told, I believe this was also my first flying aboard a 767.  Talk about two birds with one stone…am I right???


Lame jokes aside, I was able to book the trip to book the short trip in Business Class or Premier Class, as the airline refers to it.  There are others bloggers out there who covet throne seats, whether it be aboard JetBlue, Lufthansa, or any other airline offering them.  I could not pass up the opportunity to snag seat 1D in Business Class.  Not only was it a throne seat, but it was at the bulkhead.

All Nippon Airways 767-300 Business Class Throne Seat
All Nippon Airways 767-300 Premier Class Throne Seat
All Nippon Airways 767-300
All Nippon Airways 767-300 Premier Class Bulkhead

One cool thing I enjoy when flying ANA are the nose and under fuselage cameras installed.  The cameras allow passengers to monitor the status of the taxi and pass time during takeoff by admiring the ground below.

All Nippon Airways 767-300
All Nippon Airways 767-300 Nose Camera

Although this flight was less than two hours, each guest was treated as if it were a longhaul flight.  The inflight meal was an example of this.  If this flight were operated by one of the Big Three carriers in the United States, they might have only offered drinks and snacks.  ANA offered drinks, snacks, and a lunch bento.  Granted, there was not a lot of food, but the attention to detail was impressive.


All Nippon Airways 767-300 Business Class inflight Meal
All Nippon Airways 767-300 Premier Class Inflight Meal

The only issue I had with the flight was the short duration.  The flight attendants were so friendly, as always, and were constantly in the aisles checking on guests.  As I said earlier, please be on the lookout for more posts from this trip.  Thank you for taking an interest in this blog.



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