Singapore Airlines A330 Business in 5 Pictures

The train to my Asia trip full report continues to roll on.  At this point, I have edited a ton of the photos and I am progressing through he rest.  This next 5 pictures post will be of Singapore Airlines A330 Business Class from Bangkok to Singapore.  I ended up booking this itinerary because I missed my flight from Bangkok to Tokyo-Narita. This was my best option to get from Bangkok to Tokyo…even if it meant transiting Singapore.  I had a date with my son the next morning.

I “wasted” a lot of time trying to book a new itinerary, but I finally got it done.  The flight to Singapore would be aboard Singapore Airlines A330 in Business Class.  I was excited to try this model airplane for the first time.

Singapore Airlines A330 Bangkok to Singapore
Singapore Airlines A330

There were cheaper flights to Tokyo in economy class, but I decided to book the itinerary in business class because I needed to sleep after being awake all day.  The seat was older, but it was crazy comfortable.

Singapore Airlines A330 Bangkok to Singapore
Singapore Airlines A330 Business Class Seat

Another thing I appreciated was the champagne offered on this regional business class flight.  The champagne was a Charles Heidsieck Brut Reserve. The bottle retails for $50 USD on the ground.  Singapore Airlines gets it right every time and is one the best airlines in Asia and the world.

Singapore Airlines A330 Bangkok to Singapore
Charles Hiedsieck Champagne in Singapore Airlines A330 Business Class

Before I passed out, I was able to grab a quick bite to eat.  The dinner options were pasta, chicken, and fried pork.  I really wish I could of used Singapore Airlines’ Book the Cook, but it was not available due to me booking the flight at the last minute.  The entrée I chose was the fried pork and it did not disappoint.


I did not intend to talk about food on this entire post, however, the bread basket was the icing on the cake.  There were about four different types of bread, I am especially a sucker for the garlic bread. I requested one piece, but it was so good that I requested another one.  If the flight attendant would have given me the entire basket, I would not have complained.

Singapore Airlines A330 Bangkok to Singapore
Singapore Airlines A330 Business Class Bread Basket

After having a decent time in Asia, up to this point, I was happy to get to a comfortable place.  My son was waiting in Tokyo and the Shinkansen was there to take us to Fukuoka.  Thanks for following these 5 Pictures Posts while I get this trip report together.

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