Review: United Airlines Premier Platinum Welcome Kit

Today, I received my United Airlines’ Premier Platinum Welcome Kit. I honestly forgot that it was coming because the welcome kits that I received in the past were not anything impressive. If you all remember, I completed the requirements for Premier Platinum on a short trip to Denver. A missed connection returning from Singapore caused the need to go to Colorado.

The kit arrived in a standard envelope. It is not pictured because I ripped it apart while opening. It sure was not the American Express Platinum Card packaging. The welcome kit was a bifold package.

United Premier Platinum Welcome Kit

At the top of the package was a congratulatory message and Premier Platinum card.

United Premier Platinum Welcome Kit

The bottom contained a welcome letter from United Airlines CEO, Oscar Munoz…

United Premier Platinum Welcome Kit

…two Premier Platinum baggage tags…

United Premier Platinum Welcome Kit

…five alcoholic drink vouchers (don’t mind if I do)…

United Premier Platinum Welcome Kit

…and a fold out explaining all of the Platinum benefits.

United Premier Platinum Welcome KitUnited Premier Platinum Welcome KitUnited Premier Platinum Welcome Kit

I will give you my impression of each.

  1. The congratulatory message and platinum card are not needed.  The status shows on the United Website and contains a similar message.
  2. The letter, while simple, is appreciated. The company has had a lot of bad press and this goes a little way to helping their image.
  3. The baggage tags are useless. Premier Platinum is not the highest for United’s elites, so to put the tags on seems a bit tacky, in my opinion. Come to think of it, if I were at a higher level, I still would not put the tags on my bags.
  4. The five alcoholic drink vouchers are a nice touch. While it is a shame that they can only be redeemed inflight, I appreciate the gesture. I value this at nearly $30.
  5. The fold out is not needed. I have viewed the benefits online prior to the welcome kit arriving.

Final Word

I can appreciate the gesture by United to recognize their frequent fliers, but I cannot help but think that they are wasting a lot of money mailing these kits. On the other hand, maybe other fliers appreciate this sort of thing. I do know one thing, those drink vouchers will be definitely get used. Cheers!

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