Review:  United Airlines (CRJ-700) First Class Denver to Oklahoma City

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Review:  United Airlines (CRJ-700) First Class Denver to Oklahoma City

UA 4466
Takeoff: 1442
Landing: 1714
Flight time: 1hr 29min


This review will not be a full review because the regional aircraft setup was similar to the flight from OKC, except there is only one restroom at the rear of the economy cabin.  I will focus on the things that stood out to me. I left Timberline at 2:07 p.m. for a boarding scheduled for 8 minutes later. I figured it would be a breeze. Nope. After I caught the train and walked to the satellite terminal (which was about a 15 minute hike), Group 5, the last Group was boarding.


I made my way down the jet bridge was greeted by the first class flight attendant, Karen.

My seat, 1C, was an aisle seat on the right side of the plane. It was the same seat on my flight from OKC.  The flight was operated by SkyWest so I assume this is the first class seat on all of their regional jets.


The tray table at this seat comes from the right armrest.  It can be used halved or whole.


As I settled in, the pilot informed us of a quick, 70 minute flight. After a few minutes, Karen came through to take drink orders. Boarding was complete at 2:29pm. At this point, a uniformless guy showed up. After some time, it became apparent that he was an IT person. He explained to Karen the new WIFI setup.

We began our pushback at 2:46pm. At which point the safety demo began. My phone was dead, so I looked for a plug in between the seats. Not one. I asked Karen if she had one in the galley. Nope. She did come through with a battery pack. Thanks Karen!


We were airborne at 2:53pm. At 3:10pm, the inflight service began. This flight had more snacks than my previous one.


The flight was uneventful.  Karen and Catherine took care of the customers’ needs and seemed to have fun doing it.  Before long, we were landing in OKC.  The plane touched down at 5:01 p.m.

View of nothing landing in OKC

Final Word

30 hours in Denver was fun, but definitely not enough.  I look froward to the next time that I can visit the city.  I finally accomplished my goal to move from United Premier Gold to Premier Platinum.  Cheers to wonderful year of travel.


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