Review: Hotel Indigo Denver

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Review:  Hotel Indigo Denver
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My flight from OKC landed a little bit after 7 a.m.  I assumed that I would grab my bag and be on my way to the hotel in know.  Boy, was I wrong.  After deplaning, I followed the signage for baggage claim.  The signs led to the train, which carried us four stops to the baggage claim/pickup area.  There was a 25-minute wait for bags.  During this time, I called the hotel to let them that I would be arriving early and inquired about a room.  The front desk told me that they would try to make it happen, but no promises.  Fair enough.


Full disclosure, I booked this hotel while I was sitting in the airplane in OKC.  I could have paid $156 for the one night, but I opted to use 30,000 IHG Rewards points.



The hotel is located 28 miles from the airport, in downtown Denver.  It is about a half mile from Coors Field.  I hopped an Uber and used my $25 December American Express Platinum credits to offset the cost.

I entered the hotel from the street, as opposed to the valet parking area, so the front desk was to my left.


hotel indigo front desk


The lobby was full of color.

christmas tree

There was some seating but customers rarely used it.

lobby seating

Check In

I approached the counter, provided my identification and credit card. The guy working the desk remembered our phone call.  He was able to get me into a room. Sweet!


The elevators are behind you, on the right when facing the front desk.  I say that because I kept getting turned around.  My room was on the 8th floor, the highest hotel floor.  After exiting the elevator, I ran into a group of people who were standing in the common area talking.  I made a left and headed towards my room.



The room was a few doors down on the right.


My initial impression was that this was a very sleek room.

king leisure room

The bathroom was to the right.


There was the desk straight ahead on the left…



…with the bed on the right.

hotel indigo king room

There was also a small luggage rack and a bench in the room.


There was an ‘industrial view’ of Denver but it did not bother me.



The room has menus from the on property restaurant, Hearth & Dram. I tried to order some food from the brunch menu, only to find out that the service ended months ago. Why are the menus still in the rooms???

There is a snack area in the lobby, should you choose to partake.


I went downstairs to grab a bite to eat (I will cover it in the next post). After eating, I returned to my room for a nap. I struggled for a few minutes but fell asleep quickly because the bed was so comfortable. After what felt like 5 minutes, I was awoken by a loud buzzing and an announcement from the fire detection system. The announcement was something like ‘the fire detection system has been activated, please go to the nearest exit’. It took me a few seconds to get my bearing, then panic set in. I changed out of my sleepwear into jeans and a shirt (I am not standing on the streets of Denver in Singapore Airlines’ pajamas).

I made my way down the eight flights of stairs and stood right outside of the hotel.  All of the other people exiting the building kept walking. As I was standing there looking lost, two people approached me.  They commented that they saw me taking pictures on the 8th floor and were interested if I was working for a certain company.  I stated that I was not, have a blog and was doing a review of the property.  They introduced themselves as members of the ownership group, gave me some info about the hotel, and thanked me for choosing their property.

Final Word

My overnight stay at the Hotel Indigo was really nice.  The location of the property, food at Hearth & Dram, and great overall customer service were a welcomed surprise.  The only issue that I had was the fire drill. It was annoying, to say the least.  I will definitely stay at the property when I visit Denver again.

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