Review: Renaissance Waterford – Oklahoma City

*This stay occurred at the end of February 2020, just prior to the start of the pandemic*

Oklahoma City is one of my favorite cities to visit. It is laid back and has way less traffic than my favorite city, Dallas. On this particular trip, I had to be in Oklahoma City for one of my son’s sporting events. Having visited the Renaissance Hotel at the Convention Center, I wanted to give the second Renaissance Hotel property in the city a try.


I booked a King room at the hotel for $113 USD/night (tax included) at the government/military rate.  As a Bonvoy Platinum Member, I earned 2,794 total points (1,196 base, 598 elite bonus, and 1,000 welcome points).  I used my Marriott Bonvoy Premier credit card which earned me 5X points per $1 spent at Marriott properties. 


The Renaissance Waterford is located in north OKC, near the Nichols Hills neighborhood. Residential communities lined the quiet, neatly manicured streets. The hotel offered two complimentary parking lots. Lot A, to the left, was the bigger of the two and wrapped around the building. Lot B was located on the right. Do not use Lot B, if you have a big truck/SUV.   

Entrance at arrival

Entrance at departure


The valet greeted, opened the door, and wished me a good evening. The beautiful front desk was to the right as I entered the property. This was a pleasant welcome to the property.

The agent was in the back helping a customer who called into the property so I decided to snap some pictures of the lobby. The contemporary design was on display throughout the hotel.

After a few minutes, I was welcomed, thanked for being a Platinum Elite Member, and offered a welcome amenity of 1,000 points or $10. I went with the points, as usual. The agent confirmed my upgrade to a Club Level room. This did not add any value as the lounge was not open during my stay. After receiving the room cards, I made a left and headed towards the elevators.


The room was located on the ninth floor, also known as the Club Level. There was this beautiful seating area as I exited the elevator.

I checked the legend to see the direction of my room. It listed the closed Club Lounge but not the conference room. 

My room, 912, was located in the opposite direction of the lounge. The hallway had a very peaceful feel to it. Maybe it was the lights, as there were plenty along the way.

The door opened near the refrigerator, coffee maker and closet. This all happened to be right next to the bathroom. The bathroom was long, length wise but small across. So much that the door nearly hit the toilet. The placement in this entire area was not ideal.

The rest of the room dwarfed the previous area in size. It was so big that there was a lot of empty space in the middle of the room. There was an ottoman, television, and a chaise on the left side of the room. The chaise was one of the most uncomfortable pieces of furniture I have ever used. 

The small desk next to the television contained some booklets and two complimentary bottles of water.

Directly across the room was a couch. The couch, muchlike the chaise, was really uncomfortable. I understand the design concept, but hotel rooms should contain comfortable furniture…IMO.

Sitting on the near wall, opposite the window, was the best part of the room…the bed. It was soft, but not too soft. Once I climbed in it, I did not want to leave. The bedding was exceptional as well.

The room offered the following views of the surrounding residential neighborhoods.


The hotel had a lounge/restaurant located on the first floor, a few paces from the main entrance, named Ember’s.The seating arrangements was not something usually seen in a restaurant. If I did not know any better, this could have easily been a fine dining restaurant. The lounge was packed at night with guests having conversation and a few drinks.

The lounge was transformed the next morning into an amazing breakfast buffet. While not complimentary, I gladly paid ~$20 USD/per person to eat. There was so much food offered. A buffet station was manned near the back of the room. This was my “go to” place, one omelet please!

As I mentioned there was so much food. There was so much that I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

Lastly, there was a Bloody Mary Bar. Whatttt? I could have literally stayed in the lounge all morning.


After crushing so much food at breakfast, I decided to check out the fitness center. The fitness center was located one level below the lobby so I took the stairs.

Note: I did not see another person during my time in the fitness center, pool or atrium.

The gym, much like the lounge, was something not usually seen in a hotel. A locker room was near the entrance. There were lockers, of course, and showers. This area was very clean. Tucked in the corner of the locker room was a sauna…A. Freaking. Sauna.

The main fitness area was complete with cardio equipment, free weights, and various other exercise machines. Sanitizing wipes were available to wipe down the equipment before or after use.

A vending machine was also available, if the complimentary water did not quench your thirst.

Back towards the entrance was a whirlpool, if the sauna is not your thing. It looks fairly clean in the whirlpool room.

AFter my visit to the fitness center, I decided to walk outside to check out the pool. It is set in a gorgeous area and can be seen from the atrium on the lobby floor.

Final Word

I appreciated the attention to detail on most design aspects of the property. The bed was so comfortable that I might need to buy one, seriously. The lounge, fitness center and pool were all top notch. While the aesthetics were pleasing, the staff running the property enhanced the stay. The valet set the tone at arrival. His friendly, kind demeanor was something that I will always remember.

Aside from the cramped bathroom area in the room, the Renaissance Waterford was an exceptional hotel. This property is a hidden gem nestled in north Oklahoma City.

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