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After quickly settling into my room, I made my way downstairs to eat at the onsite restaurant, Hearth & Dram.  Hearth & Dram is a one of a kind restaurant that was the concept of the hotel owners.  They did not want to do a typical hotel restaurant.  I think they succeeded. It is located to the right as you exit the elevator.

Hearth & Dram entrance
Hearth & Dram entrance

The first thing that I noticed was the open floor plan and the contemporary feel.  I was impressed before taking a seat. There was not a hostess stand, so I waited for one of the waiters (one man and one woman were working) to seat me.


Hearth & Dram seating


Hearth & Dram


I was seated quickly by the guy and he provided a paper food menu…

Hearth & Dram seating
Hearth & Dram menu

…and an iPad menu for drinks.  That was definitely a first.

Hearth & Dram iPad

If you do not want to order drinks from the iPad, you could walk to the bar for a better view of the selection.

Hearth & Dram bar

It did not take me long to decide on what I wanted to eat.  I ordered a H&D omelet with piquillo peppers, brisket and chicken sausage.  (It sounded so good.)  Sounded…the omelet that was delivered to me was filled with peppers, chicken sausage and bacon. The waiter offered to return it, but I declined.

Bacon and chicken sausage omelet


The omelet, while barely warm and not what I ordered, was pretty good.  The berry jam was really delicious.

Final Word

Hearth & Dram is not only convenient, but it’s food is good.  I could have done without the lukewarm omelet, but it was not a deal breaker.  Something that I found strange was that the waiter never told me his name, I got it from the check after he brought it.  Again, not a big deal, but could use some polishing.  All things considered, I would visit Hearth & Dram again.

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