Wichita Falls Hooters Waitress Quits After Customer Calls Her a Racial Slur

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UPDATE: It appears as if Elina deleted her Facebook due to all of the attention surrounding this situation.  The hyperlink to the post no longer works as a result. 

The Hooters in Wichita Falls opened to much fanfare just eight days ago. I did not understand how much people were looking forward to it opening until I decided to pay the new place a visit. The line to enter the restaurant stretched down the sidewalk. When I finally did enter, I was told that the wait time was closer to 45 minutes. There was not a single seat open. The restaurant appeared to be having a great week.

The nostalgia quickly wore off this past Sunday as a former employee posted this to her Facebook page:

One look at the comments will show you the world that we live in.  The guests were apparently teasing her throughout their dinner (witnessed by other employees).  That was not enough for them.  When she delivered the bill, the guests decided to write “Get a different job damn Jandice (sic)” and left a .70 cent tip.  It was not enough to make fun of the waitress during the visit or to leave a .70 cent tip but to call her jaundice (i.e. yellow).  That is SICKENING.

This upsets me on so many levels. First, the waitress was trying to make a living so please let her do that without the ridicule. If they did not want her as a server, request someone else. Secondly, my son is half Japanese and I fear for him every day. Having grown up in rural Mississippi and now “enjoying” my second stint in Wichita Falls, I have experienced racism. I do not understand how people get to this level of hatred.

Final Word

To be honest, I am not surprised that this happened. One glance through your Facebook timeline and you see it, overtly and subtly. Hooters, at a minimum, should ban this family from all Hooters restaurants. Secondly, Elina should be offered her old position at the restaurant. I would not blame her if she turned it down and never stepped inside another Hooters. Who wants to be subjected to kind of treatment, let alone at your place of work? Why didn’t the managers step in as this was occurring? This is sickening and very sad.

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