Review: Mr. Max Izakaya – Irving (Part 2)

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I have reviewed Mr. Max Izakaya before, click here for the full review. I was in the area to celebrate my son’s birthday at Great Wolf Lodge-Grapevine, so I decided to make a return trip to the izakaya.


I called four days in advance for a 6:45pm reservation. On the day of, I decided to change that to earlier. The restaurant does not officially open until 5:00pm, but staff members are there way earlier than that. I called at 3:00pm and was allowed to changed my reservation until 5:15pm.

The restaurant was busy and a line had already formed. We were seated immediately. Again, this will not be a full review, instead I will talk about the service and food. The izakaya is really small, but there were three waitresses working the floor. We were offered menus. I immediately ordered an Orion beer (I love it from my time living in Okinawa).


I was ready to order when my beer was delivered. I went with the takoyaki, deep fried oysters, shishito peppers, and ramen. All of the dishes were delicious.

DSC00699Mr. Max IzakayaMr. Max IzakayaMr. Max Izakaya

For the second course, I ordered grape tomatoes wrapped in bacon (BE CAREFUL, the juice in the tomatoes are like lava), chicken karaage, spam musubi, and squid w/ gut sauce…yeah, gut sauce. Everything was delicious, except the squid because it tasted like liver.

DSC00706Mr. Max IzakayaDSC00710DSC00709

I ordered a lime Chuhai to wash it all down.

Mr. Max Izakaya

Final Word

I love going to this izakaya. It reminds me of times when I lived near Sunabe Seawall in Okinawa and times when I was take a walk through Omoide Yokocho in Shinjuku ward of Tokyo. This place is amazing, give it a try, you will not be disappointed.

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