Review: Mr. Max Izakaya – Irving

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Review: Mr. Max Izakaya – Irving

As we were making our way to Mr. Max I could not make myself get excited about eating at another ‘Japanese’ restaurant in America.  Here is why, typically, the Japanese restaurants do not have Japanese staff and the sashimi tastes rubbery, while the beer tastes watered down.

The trip to Mr. Max from the Crowne Plaza took about 15 minutes (give or take a couple of minutes).


We pulled into a strip mall that was similar to the one in Next Friday.  🙂


I was pleasantly surprised when we got inside of the izakaya.

  1. The place is small like a local Japanese izakaya
  2. EVERYONE on the staff is Japanese
  3. Towels took the place of headbands (Japanese)
  4. Orion beer is on tap and bottle


This place is simply amazing and I am happy to have visited it (and will visit again and again and again…you get the picture).


The menu looked liked this:


This picture represents how I felt at the end of the night.

Finally got around to ordering…

From Okinawa Japan.  !!!!!!!!
Chicken cartilage and Orion.


sashimi…omelet…pickled veggies
grilled squid
Menchikatsu (ground meat cutlet)!

Final Word

Everything about this place was legit.  I will admit, the location had me skeptical, but not skeptical enough to not try another ‘Japanese’ restaurant.  This izakaya took me back to a time when I was hanging out on Sunabe Seawall and cruising Kitanagusuku.  I have missed Japan, but this place brought me closer.

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