Review: United Airlines (ERJ-145) Economy Class Houston to Jackson

UA 4359
Takeoff: 1955
Landing: 2115
Flight time: 1hr 20min
Seat 9D (Economy)

I almost did not post about this flight, because the flight was cramped and bare bones…then I realize that is exactly why I should write about my experience.

A few weeks ago, I needed to get to Mississippi in a hurry. I searched for tickets using cash and miles. While the cash options were nearly $700, I chose to book two tickets for 40,000 miles + $11.60. I took a quick flight from Dallas to Houston, click here for  a review between the two cities.

We were late leaving Dallas, which put my connection to Houston in jeopardy. I made it to the gate, where I met my sister, with a few minutes to spare. We walked down the tunnel to the remote stand where our aircraft was parked.


The plane seats 50 people. You can definitely feel the tight quarters. During boarding, everyone bumped into the seats or other passengers.


I made more than one comment to my sister about the limited space. There was a brief silver lining, the seat in front of me remained unoccupied during boarding. WIN. That changed as soon as the cabin door was secured. LOSS. He definitely performed #1 on my list of travel should nots. 


We pushed back from the gate and had a rather long taxi for departure. After finally receiving clearance, we were airborne.


The flight attendant announced that there would be a snack service on the short 48 minute flight. There was no Wi-Fi or streaming to devices on this flight, so my sister tried to entertain me.


When that did not work, I ordered a Jack and Diet Coke. It was was served with a bag of pretzels. I used my Platinum drink tickets here.


My sister had a coke and pretzels.


Final Word

All things considered, it was a decent flight. My sister was there to keep me company, but more importantly, we made it to Mississippi safely.

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