My 8 Travel Should Nots 2018

Yesterday, I posted about My 8 Travel Must Haves, today I will cover the 8 things (pet peeves) that I wish travelers would not do in 2018 (wishful thinking). Anyway, here it goes (in no particular order):

1.  STOP. RECLINING. YOUR. SEAT. I put that in CAPS for emphasis. This drives me up the wall. It does not matter if you are in domestic First Class, Economy +, or Economy, there is not an abundance of space between seats. I would not like to see your scalp as I having an adult beverage to cope with the flight.

United Airlines CRJ-700 Nashville

2. Stop bringing checked baggage as carry on. I do not know how many times a flight has been delayed because someone packed their entire house into a carry on. If your carry on requires a forklift, it is probably not a carry on.

3. Stop getting wasted before your flight. That is easier said than done, right? I have been guilty of this on a couple of occasions, but have not been removed from a flight because of it. Most airports have on site holding cells to allow the alcohol to wear off. Being drunk and naked on the airplane is no bueno.


4. Stop touching others’ belongings. Some of you get on the flight late, with your checked baggage carry on and then get pissed because you cannot find overhead bin space. DO NOT start moving other passenger’s belongings because you failed to plan adequately.


5. Stop wearing sleepwear on the flights. Pajamas should not be worn on a two-hour flight. If you are guilty of this, please stop. Again, it goes back to adequate planning.


6. Stop trying to get FREE upgrades. Most people should know that nothing in life comes free, that includes upgrades to business or first class. Please stop asking because it slows other travelers processing times. If you want first or business class, use miles or cash to upgrade.

7. Stop exchanging money at the airport. Airports are notorious for having the worst exchange rates. If you can wait, go to a local bank when you reach your destination.   If it cannot wait, only exchange a small amount.


8. Stop using taxis. Some taxi drivers will drive out of the way to make a couple of extra bucks. In countries like Malaysia, Philippines, and Costa Rica, the taxis do not have meters, so it is up to the driver to help or rob you. I always use Uber or Lyft. If I have a complaint, I can send it to the company, as opposed to a sketchy company that may or may not exist.

Final Word

I am not the center of the universe, nor are you, respect other’s time. If you do not take anything else from this post, the main point of it is to be mindful of your surroundings and try to save money when you can. I hope this post highlighted some should nots that you have been doing. You do not have to listen to me, but know that I will make it known if you encroach upon my space or belongings. See you around.

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