Review: United Airlines (CRJ-700) Economy Plus Nashville to Houston

UA 5300
Takeoff: 0820
Landing: 1048
Flight time: 2hr 28min
Seat 7A (Economy Plus)

I enjoyed my time in Nashville, maybe a little too much, but it was finally time to go home. I hopped an Uber for the 25 ride to the airport. The time that it took me to check a bag and process through security was five minutes.

Nashville International Airport does not have Priority Pass lounges, so I had breakfast at a restaurant enroute to my gate. The food was amazing.


I have reviewed the United’s CRJ 700 before, click here for another review. I will provide a brief overview of the flight. Boarding was scheduled to begin at 0755, I heard a final boarding call at 0757 while closing my bill at the restaurant. I rushed to the airplane and boarding was finished as soon as I was in the seat.

The seat is technically a bulkhead (which means it has extra room) without having a bulkhead, if that makes sense.

United Airlines CRJ-700 NashvilleUnited Airlines CRJ-700 NashvilleDSC00569

The jet bridge was taken away and the safety demo began at 0809. Jasmine and Susanne were the two flights attendants working the economy cabin. We pushed back from the gate at 0818 about two minutes before schedule.


Ironically, seat 2D went out empty. There were quite a few people on the upgrade list but no one was given this seat. With only six first class seats, I would think that all seats would be occupied.

United Airlines CRJ-700 NashvilleUnited Airlines CRJ-700 NashvilleFFA01172-2F96-49BF-B553-DA36DB8DA33C

At 0833, we were airborne.

DSC00570DSC00571DSC00572United Airlines CRJ-700 Nashville

Service began at 0845. I went with the stroopwafel, naturally. This is by far the best thing United has to offer.

United Airlines CRJ-700 NashvilleUnited Airlines CRJ-700 Nashville

Let me tell you about something that is not the best thing United has to offer. The configuration of this aircraft puts four seats per row (two on either side) in economy. My neighbor in 7B was the biggest seat hoarder. He “slept” throughout the entire flight. The guy took over the center armrest, and almost fell into my shoulder because he was sleeping so hard.

Before too long we began our descent.

DSC00578DSC00579DSC00580United Airlines CRJ-700 NashvilleUnited Airlines CRJ-700 Nashville

Susanne came by to remind me to store the tray table (which came out of my right armrest) prior to landing.

2D5CCD7D-AD07-4D15-83A5-55317F7A9C6AUnited Airlines CRJ-700 Nashville

I told her that I would take care of it and continued to write this note. A few minutes later, while writing, Jasmine tapped on the tray table as if to tell me that it was time to wrap it up. She must have saw the annoyed look on my face because she said, ‘I’m sorry sir, could you store your tray table’? You were rude to begin but then you changed it, why not be nice all the time?

Bumpy touchdown at 1021. After a 17 minute taxi, we arrived at the gate, 11 minutes ahead of schedule.

DSC00583United Airlines CRJ-700 NashvilleUnited Airlines CRJ-700 NashvilleDSC0059113553F29-8C01-43C2-9930-A2465D79C94CUnited Airlines CRJ-700 NashvilleDSC00594

Susanne did a great job in the cabin. She constantly checked on passengers and smiled throughout.

Final Word

I really do not like the CRJ 700. Having only one restroom, in the rear of the airplane, is no bueno. The flight attendants were well intentioned, but I do not like to be treated as a kid. I get it, I really do. You deal with hundreds of people a day, but take a step back every so often to center yourself.  Off to the American Express Centurion Lounge in Bush Intercontinental!

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