Review: Delta Airlines (RJ-175) First Class Boston to Nashville

DL 5878
Takeoff: 1600
Landing: 1816
Flight time: 2hr 16min

Delta RJ-175Delta RJ-175Delta RJ-175

After being at the Delta Sky Club for a little while, it was time for me to head to the gate. I arrived 10 minutes or so before boarding and it was sooooooo crowded.


I have reviewed regional first class products on United (OKC-DEN) and American (DFW-MEM) in recent months. To book this one way, first class flight, I used my Citi Prestige card to purchase the $304 ticket. I earned 3X points on the purchase. If I had used my American Express Platinum, I would have earned 5X points. I did not use it because I am working on a BIG redemption for later in the year.

Boarding began promptly at 1530. I quickly found my seat 4A. Soon after taking my seat, I was offered a pre-departure drink by Kia, the first class attendant.

Delta RJ-175DSC00347



At the seat was a pillow and blanket.

DSC00348Delta RJ-175

The tray table was stored in the aisle armrest (right for me).

Delta RJ-175

The table could be used halved or…

Delta RJ-175


Delta RJ-175

There was also a drink holder in the left armrest.

Delta RJ-175Delta RJ-175DSC00352

While waiting, I went to the restroom to check it out. It was the same restroom on other regional flights.


The doors closed at 1600, at that point the safety presentation was performed. Kia performed it well. She smiled the entire time, it was almost uncomfortable. 😂

At 1605 we were pushed back.


After a 16 minute taxi, we were airborne.

DSC00367DSC00366DSC00371DSC00374DSC00373Delta RJ-175A46DE7F8-CF9B-4B05-BE23-D8AABF368F3F

Takeoff was smooth.

I decided to check out the wifi. Options are below.

I went with the 30 minute option.

At 1630, drinks and a meal offered. All options were chicken wraps…Caesar, barbecue chicken and chicken cordon bleu.

I went with the barbecue chicken wrap, a fruit salad was also offered.


At 1638, utensils were handed out. Food followed shortly thereafter.


The salad was terrible, it had a ‘rustic’ taste to it. I only had three bites.


The barbecue chicken wrap was not impressive either. The entire meal service felt like I was eating a daycare snack.


Kia, did provide friendly service and always had a smile.

She smiled when she was around, however, she disappeared after the snack. I had to push my call button to get her attention.

Throughout the flight, Kia, stayed in the back of the aircraft talking to the other flight attendants.

I decided to get some sleep. I was awaken by an announcement by the pilot. ‘Ladies and gentlemen, we are 30 minutes from Nashville’. The lights were put on for landing…so I thought. The lights were turned on to assist in trash collection. After trash was picked up, the lights went off again. Why???

We had a rough touchdown at 1753. After a few minute taxi we were at the arrival gate.

Final Word

I was not impressed by any aspect of this flight. The food quality was not the fault of the flight attendants, I get it. The service, however, was definitely something that the flight attendant could have done better. I I made it to my destination and WAS only a two hour flight, I guess that I expected too much.

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