Review: Hattie B’s – Nashville


I was so excited to try the Nashville Hot Chicken at Hattie B’s. The place is so famous and often has a lengthy wait to get inside. Hattie B’s is located approximately a half mile from the Marriott Vanderbilt. The weather was miserable but I decided to walk there. The walk took about 20 minutes.

The first thing that I noticed about the restaurant is that it is small, maybe too small for the volume of people that it handles on a given day.

Hattie B's

Arriving at lunch probably was not the smartest thing to do. There were about 12 people In waiting outside of the restaurant, with another six or so waiting inside. I waited about 25 minutes and I was finally inside.

There was a HUGE menu straight ahead so that you could have a look while you waited for your turn to order.

Hattie B'sHattie B's

The counter to order was to the left.  I went with the three Nashville Hot chicken tenders, collard greens, and pimento mac and cheese. There was also a selection of beer for purchase. After ordering, you are given a number and are free to sit anywhere.

Hattie B's

The inside of the building had about four tables and they were full.

Hattie B'sI decided to sit on the covered patio ‘outside’. It was crowded but I bummed a seat with some people who were already seated.

Hattie B's

I have a phobia, thing, or whatever you want to call it, but I do not like drinking out of dirty cans. Imagine my horror when I went to open my beer and saw black stuff on the top of the can. I did not die, obviously, but it is something that I feel bartenders/wait staff should be cognizant of.

The covered patio was a little cold, but thank goodness Hattie B’s had these heaters.

Hattie B's

After waiting about 10 minutes, the food was delivered to the table.

Hattie B's

The chicken was spicy! I enjoy spicy food, but this chicken has a little burn to it. I ordered the hot, but there were hotter flavors on the menu. I cannot imagine how hot they were. The guy next to me laughed because he ordered mild and thought it was spicy. I enjoyed every bite of it. The collard greens were delicious as well. The pimento mac and cheese were my least favorite dish. It was not bad, I just feel like I wasted a side dish on something that I would not normally eat.

Final Word

Hattie B’s met my expectations. The staff was friendly and the prices were more than reasonable. The hot chicken was the highlight. I wish that they would send me some to Texas. The pimento mac and cheese and dirty cans did not impress me, but did not ruin my experience. Hattie B’s will be definitely on list of places to visit when I return to Nashville…minus the pimento mac and cheese.

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