Review: Biscuit Love – Nashville

I wanted to get an early start on the day because Biscuit Love was calling my name, I woke up about 8am to hit the gym before tackling a mound of calories. (By the way, 8am is not early because I wake up way before that time every day.) Biscuit Love has three locations. I took an Uber to the location in the Gulch. This was the same location visited when I came to town in Fall 2016 for my friends’ vow renewal.

Biscuit Love

There was a 45 minute wait the last time that I came to the restaurant, but there was not a wait this time.

Biscuit Love

Upon entering Biscuit Love, you are in the gift shop/cashier area.

DSC00493Biscuit LoveDSC00495

I grabbed a menu from the window sill.

Biscuit LoveBiscuit LoveBiscuit Love

After a few minutes of looking it over, it was time to order.  I ordered an East Nasty (cool name, right?) and a Jackalope Thunder Ann beer. The East Nasty is a buttermilk biscuit, fried boneless chicken thigh, aged cheddar, and sausage gravy. After ordering, I was given a number, and was told to be seated anywhere.


I sat near the back of the restaurant.

DSC00498Biscuit Love

After a few minutes, the food arrived. Let me say, it was delicious! The entire dish goes perfectly together, but the sausage gravy is the best part.


Final Word

Nashville has some great restaurants and Biscuit Love is near the top. I would recommend this to any person that will be visiting the city. The locals obviously know how good the food is. Thanks Biscuit Love, now on to the Country Music Hall of Fame.




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