Review: The Garage – Del City

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As I mentioned in the previous post, there was no shortage of places to eat near the hotel. One in particular, The Garage Burgers & Beer, caught my eye. I had never heard of the restaurant until the day before, so I was intrigued. The Garage is a regional franchise that boasts 19 locations throughout Arkansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and Oklahoma. The restaurants offer a full bar, huge selection of burgers, and arcade games. This particular location was directly in front of the Springhill Suites. It took less than five minutes to walk to the restaurant because the entrance is on the opposite side.

I did not expect much from the restaurant due to its exterior. All of the store fronts in the strip looked the same which was quite boring.

The Garage - Del City

My initial impression was flipped upside down once I entered the restaurant. It had a dive bar feel (something I really like). The lighting was low and the music was just above conversation level. There were two options to order food: 1) the main counter or 2) the bar. Customers that ordered from the main counter, usually sat in one of the booths, high top tables, or outside.  It was a bit too chilly to sit outside on this night.

The Garage - Del City

The Garage - Del CityThe Garage - Del City

The Garage - Del City

I decided to sit at the bar. Ashley, the bartender, quickly provided a menu and took my drink order. I ordered a Modelo which was served a few minutes later. One of the cool things about the bar was the state license plates that were lacquered inside the bar top. By pure luck, I happened to sit at the Texas plate.


After staring at the menu for an eternity (there were so many choices), I finally settled on the Fried Onion Burger. Ashley informed that I made a wise choice because it was one of their most popular burgers. I chatted with other patrons and the bartender for a few minutes.  Before I knew it, my order arrived. The burger was delivered in a small basket, sitting atop a brown napkin. This reminded me of local burger joints that I visited growing up.

The Garage Del City
The Garage Del City Fried Onion Burger

After one bite, I was hooked on the burger. The entire sandwich, from the toasted buns to the onion chunks in the patty, was AMAZING. So amazing that I ate the entire thing in only a few minutes.

I enjoyed the restaurant so much that I decided to visit the next day. The next thing for me to try were the pork rinds. They were served with Sriracha Ranch (whatttttttt????). It was a great combination. Unfortunately, I could not finish the entire basket because there was so much food.

The Garage - Del City

In the far back corner of the restaurant, near the restrooms, were a couple of video games a claw machine. As a fan of Golden Tee Golf, this was a really cool feature.

The Garage - Del City

Final Word

There is not much else to say about The Garage. The outside was lacking in personality, but that quickly changed when I entered the restaurant. I thoroughly enjoyed the food, ambience, and the friendly bartender, Ashley. If you are ever in Del City, do not hesitate to stop by The Garage.

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