Review: Mash’d – The Rim/San Antonio

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After a chilly dinner at Thai Chalurn, I decided to try my luck at another restaurant in San Antonio. One of my military friends invited me to dinner at Mash’d, located at The Rim in north San Antonio.  According to locals, I could eat at a different restaurant every day for a year without repeating. That was very interesting because I was on restaurant #5 at this point. 

Mash’d was located 20 minutes from the Holiday Inn Express in Windcrest (where I was staying) and 10 Minutes from the Fairfield Inn at North Star Mall (where I previously stayed).  Let me say this, The Rim had something for everyone. There were bars, eateries, shopping, and just about anything else that you could imagine.

The location of Mash’d left something to be desired as I had to park hundreds of meters from the entrance due to limited spaces. After a few minute walk, I arrived at Mash’d.

Mash'd - The Rim
Mash’d Entrance

The first thing that I encountered when I entered Mash’d was a very “busy” reception area. There was Christmas decorations, a gas pump, tons of moonshine, and boards with witty sayings throughout the area. The only thing missing was a staff member.

Mash'd - The Rim
Mash’d – The Rim

To the right of the reception area was a cozy seating area.  I would sit in this area if I were with a small group and wanted to be away from the noise in the bar. 

Mash'd - The Rim

The bar was directly across from the small seating room. The area included high top and bar counter seating. There was also another moonshine display (started to sense a theme). 

Mash'd - The Rim
Mash’d Bar
Mash'd - The Rim
Mash’d Seating

Outdoor seating was also available. It had heaters to make it comfortable. It looked like a nice place to hang out during the summer.

I grabbed a seat on the near side of the bar. At the this time, one of the waiters approached to asked if I had been helped. More importantly, he wanted to know why I was taking “soooooo many” pictures. I usually make up an excuse about my picture taking, but I did not want to this time. After finding out that I was a blogger, he left. 

By this time, my friend had arrived. We were quickly welcomed and provided menus by the bartender. He was really friendly and answered all of our questions.  After looking over the entire menu, I settled on the Knockout Punch as a drink. The drink contained moonshine, blackberry, blueberry, white cranberry, fresh strawberries, and lemon sour. There was a two drink limit per guest as well. 

The bartender smiled when I ordered what had become a best seller. He stated that everyone wanted to try it. The drink was delivered approximately five minutes later. 

It was strong! Not like a normal strong, but really STRONG. It was at that moment when I realized why there was a two drink limit for the Knockout Punch. 

During all of the commotion surrounding the punch, I somehow managed to order an entree. I went with the chicken and biscuits. The dish was described as twice battered and brined chicken breast and homemade chorizo cheddar biscuits topped with “Chuck Norris” gravy. 🤯 Say. No. More. 

After the orders were taken, I spotted pineapples and cinnamon soaking in moonshine on the bar (I probably should have admired from afar). 

I asked the bartender if I could try one of the pineapples. He replied with an enthusiastic, “yes!” (definitely should have admired from afar). He returned with two pineapple chunks for my friend and I. 

Mash’d Moonshine Infused Pineapples

Before I could take a bite of the pineapple, I smelled it and my chest immediately started burning.  My friend found this funny. He kept telling me that I had to eat it since I asked for it. Yes, yes I did. I took a small bite of the moonshine infused pineapple and I could feel my entire body heat up. I searched frantically for a water (that I did not order), but had to rely on the Knockout Punch to stop the burning. Talk about a dilemma. 

I cannot tell you how many minutes passed, but the food was finally delivered. Having ordered the half size, I had to verify with the bartender because the portions were huge. It indeed was the half order of chicken and biscuits. The chicken was crispy on the outside and juicy in the middle. The biscuits were light and fluffy, I could have eaten them without anything else, but the Chuck Norris gravy was some of the best that I had ever had. I would literally eat the gravy out of an ice cream tub if I could. 

My fried ordered the fried chicken (his regular order) which was a bigger portion than mine. He shared the same sentiment as I, the chicken was really good. 

Final Word

Mash’d was a real treat. I enjoyed the drinks (even the pineapple) and the food. The Chuck Norris gravy was a real kicker. I also appreciated the helpful bartender. He did not try to force anything, which made our interactions genuine. I will definitely visit Mash’d on again, but I will definitely stay away from the pineapples. 

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  1. LOL on that Chuck Norris gravy Roberto hahahaha. I love those Norris references. The food looks solid and teetotaller me woulda been knocked on his rump after an eighth of that drink. Sounds like no joke!

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