Review:  Holiday Inn Express and Suites – Windcrest

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Holiday Inn Express and Suites - Windcrest

After my short stay in Oklahoma City, it was time for me to make my way to San Antonio for a week of work.  I was not particularly keen of making this drive, but it had to be done.


I booked a single bed King suite at the Holiday Inn Express and Suites/San Antonio North at Windcrest for $95/night at the government/military rate.  I was able to earn a total of 9,050 IHG Reward points for the stay.  The total was broken down into the following:  5,700 base and 3,350 bonus points.  I did not earn any credit card points since I paid for the stay with my military credit card.


The hotel was located just off of Interstate 35 in northwest San Antonio. It was only 10 minutes from the Fairfield Inn and Suites that I visited earlier in the summer.  Parking was complimentary for guests.

Holiday Inn Express and Suites - Windcrest


The front desk was to the left when I entered the hotel through the main entrance.  There were no guests ahead but I still was not helped right awaybecause the agent was focused on her phone.  I was eventually welcomed back to Holiday Inn and thanked for being a Platinum member.  I provided my credit card and identification.  The agent asked me to complete a car information sheet so that my car would be towed.  I remember doing the same thing in Albuquerque last year.  I was asked if I wanted points or water as my welcome gift…I took the points.  After a few minutes, I made my way to the room.

Holiday Inn Express and Suites - Windcrest



The room was located on the second floor.  I exited the elevator, made a right, and the room was down on the left.


The bathroom was immediately to the right after entering the room.  It was fairly basic.


After the bathroom, there was a small kitchenette to the right.  There was no complimentary water but a Keurig was available with three complimentary cups.

Holiday Inn Express and Suites - Windcrest

The sleeping area consisted of a comfortable bed, television (which I used a lot), a chair with ottoman and a desk.  The desk was spacious which I appreciated.  It allowed me to have both of my laptops operating at the same time.  The chair served as a luggage rack.

Holiday Inn Express and Suites - WindcrestDSC03035DSC03036DSC03037


The dining options were limited at the property.  There was a market near the front desk, the stock was very limited though.

Holiday Inn Express and Suites - WindcrestHoliday Inn Express and Suites - Windcrest

The hotel did offer a great breakfast selection.  I tried to get pictures of the food but the area was always busy when I visited.  I did get a picture of the seating area (at night).

Holiday Inn Express and Suites - Windcrest

One thing that irked me when it came to dining was the hotel or local restaurant put a flyer under my door.  This happened to me on my last visit to San Antonio and I did not care for it.  I wish hotels would stop this practice.

Holiday Inn Express and Suites - WindcrestHoliday Inn Express and Suites - Windcrest


The fitness center was located on the first floor near the elevators.  It was bare bones, but it did have a rower which I was very surprised to see.

Holiday Inn Express and Suites - WindcrestDSC03041Holiday Inn Express and Suites - Windcrest

There was an outdoor pool but it was not being used due to the near freezing temperatures.  I do not know if I would use the pool at all because the traffic from Interstate 35 was too loud.

Holiday Inn Express and Suites - Windcrest

Final Word

The Holiday Inn Express in Windcrest was ok.  There was nothing spectacular about the property…everything was even across the board.  I would visit the property again if I had work in northwest San Antonio, otherwise, I would find a location closer to the city.

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