Review:  Holiday Inn & Suites – Albuquerque North

The Holiday Inn & Suites Albuquerque North is located approximately 10 minutes from Balloon Fiesta Park.  It is accessible from Interstate 25.


I booked this hotel due to it being among the cheapest hotels at ~$200/night in Albuquerque during the International Balloon Fiesta.  I also checked out a Residence Inn Marriott, but it was going for $259/night.  It also did not hurt that the Holiday Inn is located 5.5 miles from Balloon Fiesta Park.



The hotel is situated between a main road and a frontage road which makes it difficult to enter the parking area.  As you can see in the picture below, to enter the property, you have to drive through another business’ lot.  Parking was complimentary for all guests.



On the automatic doors were signs that read, ‘if you decide to leave early, no refunds will be issued’.  The lobby was very open.  There were no other customers in line.  I was helped after the person working the front desk decided to put down her phone and rise from the ledge where she was sitting.  I provided my card and identification.  She reached into a basket to retrieve all arriving guest’s keys and pre-authorization letters.  The letters were stand in red ‘NO REFUNDS’.  Got it.

Business Center


I made my way to the 3rd floor.  I made a left from the elevator and the room was on the left.





The hotel had a Sundry Station to the left of the check-in counter.


There was also a bar where you could order food from the kitchen.  The bar was not bad, but I found it remarkable that the bartender shutdown the bar early while customers were still sitting at the counter.


Across from the check-in desk was a sit-down area where you could order from the kitchen as well (not pictured).

Maybe the front desk staff could have used this area to eat their lunch.  I worked on my computer after the bartender left then went to get some water from the Sundry Station and noticed a box of wings on the desk.  The guy working the front desk and the security guard were eating the wings directly from the box in plain view.  It made me pause but I pressed on with my night.  The next morning, I approached the front desk and the female working the counter was eating what appeared to be pancakes.  She shoved more into her mouth as I walked to the counter.  WTF?!


The gym is on the 1st floor.  After passing the check-in counter, you take a left and the gym is on the right.


There is a pool area across from the gym.


Final Word

The hotel served its purpose.  I was not impressed with either shifts front desk staff or the bartender.  It is really disgusting to approach the front desk and the staff has a mouthful of food and greasy hands.  I also think it is bad customer service to close the bar early, especially while guests are still seated.  This place has a lot of work to do.

Featured image courtesy of Expedia.

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