Review:  Ember’s Steakhouse – Amarillo

Ember’s Steakhouse is located 10 minutes from downtown.


As you enter the restaurant, you arrive at a hostess stand.


The stand splits the restaurant in half.


If you go to the left, you are in the main dining area, while to the right is the bar (too crowded for a picture).  The two hostesses were the two friendliest women that you would ever meet.  They chatted up my son and tried to seat us in a booth so that he could have some space.  All of the booths were full, so we found a table that was out of the way and settled in.  Before the hostesses left, they volunteered to warm my son’s food in the microwave.  The service was incredible and I had not ordered anything yet!

The waitress brought menus and took my drink order a few minutes later.


The steak sounded delicious, but I decided to go with Mahi Mahi and asparagus.  I know, I know, who goes to a steakhouse and orders fish?  This guy did.

the plate should have been rotated. 🙁

The meal also came with standard dinner and pretzel rolls.  The rolls were accompanied by regular and garlic butter.


Final Word

The restaurant was nice, but the two hostesses made my visit special.  I could not believe how accommodating they were throughout the meal.  For that reason alone, I would visit this restaurant again.  Well done ladies.

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