Arrived: New Metal Citi Prestige Card

In July, I received an email from Citi stating that I would be receiving a new metal card soon.  ‘Soon’ turned into two and a half months.  The card arrived yesterday.  It came in some decent packaging, but it was not nearly as nice as my American Express Platinum Card packaging.


This new card finally makes Citi Prestige one feel top notch.  The previous card was made of thin plastic, almost as if it were a fake.  I now have four metal cards.  I decided to have some fun and weigh the cards to determine which one is the heaviest.  The rankings are below:

The winner is American Express.  I find it ironic that the card with the highest annual fee, unless you are military, is also the heaviest.

Final Word

I am happy that Citi finally sent out the new metal card.  For anyone that has the old Citi Prestige card, cut it up as soon as you can.  Now the card feels like it should.

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