UPDATE: Chase Settlement Check Arrived

Almost a month to the day, I wrote a blog post about a potential Chase Bank Servicemembers’ Civil Relief Act (SCRA) settlement check that was owed to me and many other military members. I was initially skeptical of the entire thing until I stumbled across a Reddit thread discussing it. After reading the thread, I sent my information to the claims administrator.

The administrator stated, in follow up communication, the check would be mailed on February 22, 2021. On February 25, 2021, I sent the following e-mail for a status update:


Good afternoon. How should I expect to receive this check? Priority or regular mail? Thanks for your help. 

– Rob

I received a follow up less than 10 minutes later. It read:

Good Afternoon Roberto,

The check in the amount of $75.00 did mail on February 22, 2021 to the address as indicated below and was sent via regular mail.  The check appears to be a postcard from a Settlement Administrator in Minnesota.

Thank you for your service to our Country.

Claims Administrator
Childress v JPMorgan Chase Bank

On this past Monday (March 1st), I was pleasantly surprised to find an actual check in the mail from the settlement. As stated in the e-mail above, the check appeared to be a postcard on the surface. One side was my mailing information, while the reverse served as a return slip, in case the check was mailed to the wrong person.

The was just a bit over the $75 USD most members received. The exact total ended up being $79.76 USD. I quickly used this “free” money to treat myself to a steak at Lytle Land and Cattle Company in Abilene, Texas.

Final Word

I almost missed out on this “free” money from Chase’s settlement in regards to SCRA benefits. If the claims administrator did not send follow up communication about the check, I may have never received it. While Chase admitted no wrongdoing in the settlement, the money provided to military members is damning. Maybe it is time for me to change my credit card loyalty.

Have you received a settlement check from Chase Bank?

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