I Experienced Questionable Fraud Verification from JPMorgan Chase

A few days ago, I received the following text from Chase’s fraud department:

FREE MSG: Chase Fraud-Did you use card ending XXXX for $237.42 at KIRKLAND’S on 01/20? If YES reply 1, NO reply 2

I replied, ‘no’, and received the following text:

FREE MSG: Chase-Thank you. Your card can’t be used until we speak with you. Call to turn it on or order a new one. 800-454-XXXX or the number on your card.

At this point, my Chase Freedom Unlimited card had been deactivated. A few minutes later, I received a phone call from Chase. I was unable to answer the phone because I was out to dinner with my family. The phone call was from an 800 number.

Fast forward to today, I received another phone call from Chase asking me to verify my last five transactions. This time, the phone call was from a 847 area code (Dundee, Illinois) which was suspicious. Nonetheless, I verified that three of the five charges were fraudulent. I did not give any personal info other than my name.

It was at this point that I asked the customer service rep to send me a new card. He told me that I needed to verify my full address. 🤔 A few thoughts entered my head: 1) you called me about fraud and expect me to give you personal info 2) why did you not call me from an 800 number? I politely declined to provide my info and told him that I would call the number on the card to have a replacement mailed.

Final Word

Maybe I overreacted with the guy on the phone, but I could not verify that he was a Chase employee or someone trying to continue the scam. There were too many red flags going off in my head. If you are ever in this same situation, do exactly as I did.  Hang up and call back.


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